Thursday, April 15, 2010

r. stevie moore - I'm scared

there's a special person who i'd like to know
there's a call that i should make before i go
but i'm scared they might not see
inside me so i'll be prepared
cause i'm scared

there's a magic feeling which i'd like to give
there's a house for rent in which i'd like to live
but i'm scared i won't find you
and all the love i knew we shared
and i'm scared
i'm scared

every time i drink wine
i'm not frightened anymore

there's a bottle getting empty very fast
and it's bringing out my future and my past
and i'm scared of running dry
afraid i'll start to cry cause i cared
i was scared
i'm still scared

there's a song i'm writing just to say goodbye
there's a couple seconds left before i die

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