Saturday, December 5, 2009

you know what kind of lyfe this is

saturday morning
left over from sleeping on the floor at the foot of your bed
between his dingo and him
just another traveler on this road and last night we were traveling together
coconut marangue in my hair and pores
and this morning ill cook up that taste in your mouth
when you hit this crack foil
bumpin dru down
these beats are the intrinsic ones that put us here together
what else should i do

the first night we spent together you held me sooooo close
the last night we spent together you hardly touched me
well i dont have that kind of discrimination
when you played with the symmetry of my face next to yours
i was lost in that and parts of me havent come back
you split me half for half and i left something with you
but because of how these exchanges go
i left you intact with yourself and nothing to take back with me
i just have those memories
you pressing me closer
giving only for the expansion of my ribs

1 comment:

cameron said...

this is lovely. i had no idea you were a writer. future lyricist much?