Sunday, June 19, 2011

dear eliot lipp

oh how many times i thought itd be cool to see you spin live, or play one of your tunes for me. i dont know anymore. im not that into live shows. im pretty bored these days. i was gona try and see you at hornings with beats antique and the necatar of bass and etc. but im not that into trying. youre amazing. i hope you keep making tunes that inspire me day in and day out

Saturday, June 18, 2011

the transcendental truth

i spent all of last month listening to the phish cds you left me, in my art studio making things to show the world how much i loved it. now that that's all over i am left feeling helpless. where else am i suppossed to go from here. i seem to be alone all the time. and thats ok, when im around too many people i begin to crave days like this. the hours and the sun shine drag on. the insomnia although full of rest is fruitless. my skin is crawling and i know thats just the psychosis. just the way it feels to be a vast nothingness.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

looking for directions?

artemis held a steady breath
point to point
arrow aimed
if i shoot remember not
to breath

your exhale may direct
my arrows course
from its natural
inclination upon the earth

everybody is vearing
id like to stay the course

even when we tread high waters
or grass or snow fields
the thickest swamp mud

i will hit my aim intended mark

you left a beautiful scar on my
how it felt to feel again
with this lame planet extending
past me
with this lame heart
still beating inside of me

Thursday, June 9, 2011

onto the next chapter

there is a space in between you and me
the space is as big as the USA
there has been this lull in your affection
im so tired of screaming inside
i have a blues song that echos in and out of my ears
sung by this earth of mine as it cries
i wont be following, youve walked too far away

Monday, June 6, 2011

the moon has a hazey glow tonight

im taking a derive through out all your public parks
after DUSK
I want you to know that i have been drinking from glass containers
and took the liberty to smoke a bowl
here and ther through out your moon light, providing the only
light I can see, tree top canopy
I want to perpetually walk you home.
but I walk home alone no matter the day,
till the day i've walked all the eath till the day I die
I keep saying I want to sleep open air in
these woods but I'm so distracted by my insomnia that is worse out here.
I guess what Im saying is that i'd like to be unconsious next to you.
beca use your heart is what lulls me to sleep.
there is a slave here.
i am alone all the time, even though youre by myside.
i have anxiety over being here
being here on this earth during this time
everything in between yall
at a party looking at yall
bruises on my hands and wrists and ventricals and knees for how I fell for you
Im at odds and ends with you
holding onto things I have to do
I'd like to teleport when you call
I was looking for a way to burn out brightly
27 go to heaven
I need you naked in a forest with the wolf skull in your hands
the sun threads will fractal out in front of your face
weaving visions out of my mind and into the sky
oh dandelion, dandelion
i like to walk the sidewalks because
i feel like there is still a space in between me and whats around me
I like touching the leaves while im walking
It makes me feel like there will be growth outside beyond me

Friday, June 3, 2011

by the side of the road

you tell me ive got an awful long way to go
well look at you babe, you havent even hit the road
my feet face forward always ready for on the lamb
the poet inside of me wants to be able to scream
this road wants to be hitched, i just cant get up and go
ive been standing here waiting for you
thinking of all the places i could be
waiting for the "every thing you need, you have with in you"
just one more time to know what she said will hold true
before i pick up my heals and kick up the dirt